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Here is how to manually unpause your Inbox.

Turn off the vacation autoresponder.
  • If you have checked the checkbox when you first paused the Inbox, you need to turn off the Vacation Autoresponder.
  • In Gmail, Settings > General > set Vacation Autoresponder to off Vacation repsonder setting in Gmail

Delete filter with 'Inbox-Paused-yyyy-mmm-dd'
  • In Gmail, go to Settings and click on Filters tab. Then find the filter that looks like the image below.
  • Click the "delete" link next to the filter. This will unpause your Inbox and allow all messages to come in as before.
delete filter manually

Move the paused messages back to your Inbox
  • Click on the label 'Inbox-paused-yyyy-mmm-dd' on the left navigation bar of Gmail
  • Click on the checkbox at the top to select all messages with this label.
  • Click on the Move to button and select the Inbox. This will move all messages that came in while your Inbox was paused back to your Inbox.
Move Messages Back to Inbox


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