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“Inbox pause is incredibly helpful to my productivity and calm. This allows me to get to emails when I need to get to them and remain focused: truly a precious commodity these days.”

James Naylor CEO & Game Designer, Naylor Games

“Your 'Pause' button is a lifesaver; after 20 minutes of silence, my focus intensifies, transforming my work sessions. It's like a superpower for deep work!”

Armen Alajian Owner, Arto Brick

“Inbox Pause allows us to focus entirely on our work while editing or meeting with students/families; we can then turn to our emails at a different time to respond. ”

Kyla Brown Director of Development, Scholar Co.

Reclaim your focus and spend less time in your inbox

Inbox Pause helps you take control of your inbox—and your time.  Whether it’s to protect downtime, focus time, or block time for better productivity, Inbox Pause can help you better manage how and when email fits into your day.   


Put your inbox on your schedule

Reduce email overload and regain control of your inbox with Inbox Pause, your solution for a clutter-free and productive email experience.

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Protect your downtime and set clear boundaries

Prevent burnout and foster well-being by using Inbox Pause to effortlessly disconnect from work emails, allowing you to disconnect after work hours and recharge effectively.

Protect your downtime with Inbox Pause, ensuring uninterrupted personal time and a healthier work-life balance.

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Make time for your Maker Time 

Carve out time for your deep work by protecting your focus time. You can automate blocking out time in your weekly schedule for accomplishing strategic work that needs your full attention.

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Batched delivery stops you from constantly checking emails

Get your work done, even when it’s inside your inbox while ensuring no new distractions can shift your focus.

You can get off the dopamine hit train by rewiring your brain to not expect new emails 24/7.

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Ultimate inbox control

Customize a schedule to pause, unpause, and only get new emails exactly when you choose. Dictate a customized schedule that fits exactly how and when you wish to be interrupted. Your inbox and the world beyond it will fit around YOUR schedule.

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Prevent burnout in your organization


Invest in your team and their well-being

Make it easy for your team to follow and enforce your wellness policy. Encourage work life balance and set your organization culture up for success. Improve your team’s engagement and long term performance by making sure their after hours are protected.

Improve productivity and performance in your team

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